Postpartum Weight Loss II

Ok, more about loosing the baby weight...

I mentioned in the previous post about walking off the 43 pounds I gained during my pregnancy. About 20 came off within the first week of having the baby, but that still left me with 23 to loose. No small feat especially since I am pretty petite. I started walking about two weeks after having the baby. This was fast, but I started off slow. The first walk was around the block and after that went ok I started walking about a mile, sometimes two. On every walk I was also babywearing since my daughter hated being in her stroller. At about five weeks postpartum I ordered the Fitbit Alta which I love, to help me record my distances as well as the calories I was putting into my body. My goal at that point was the recommended 10,000 steps every day which seamed to put me at about 4 miles of walking a day. With a combination of very healthy eating and walking 4 miles per day I managed to walk off 16 pounds. Between meals when I was hungry I reached for apples, yogurt or had whole grain toast (I love toast). If I was hungry I always ate, but I also kept it healthy. No soda, no junk food, no sweets. 

At almost 4 months postpartum I decided to up my workouts and started incorporating runs with the stroller as well as some workout videos I found online. Since I don't have a home gym I needed videos that were short (ie manageable for me) and that required no equipment.  

Here are my absolute favorites that I found online. 

1. The Body Coach - This guy is great. The videos are challenging, but manageable which I loved. Plus I like that he is also struggling during the workouts. It makes me feel like less of a wuss. 

2. Popsugar Barre Workouts - I like some of these more than others. These videos are my attempt to get my butt back in its original position. 

3. Popsugar Workout with Andrea Orbeck - I did this one pre-baby and always loved it when I couldn't make it to the gym or go on a run.