My Favorite Recipes Right Now

I have been trying to eat really healthy recently. I always used to, but while I was pregnant my healthy diet became a lot of toast and pasta so I have been trying to get back on the bandwagon. My goal is to get back into as good a shape as I can before pregnancy #2. Here are a few of my favorite recipes right now...


Farro Salad

Farro Salad on a bed of lettuce with cottage cheese, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, nutritional yeast and goddess dressing.

Farro Salad on a bed of lettuce with cottage cheese, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, nutritional yeast and goddess dressing.

Cook the Farro like pasta, except that instead of 12 minutes it takes 30. Mix it with diced olives, red bell pepper, cucumber, and feta. I love how nutritious, easy and delicious this salad is! I put scoops of it on lettuce and add cottage cheese for additional protein.


Chocoholic Protein Smoothie

Nom, Nom, Nom!!!!

Nom, Nom, Nom!!!!

Combine 1 tbsp honey roasted peanut butter (or sub any nut butter here), 1 scoop protein powder, 1/8 cup oats, 2 frozen bananas, 2 tsp cocoa powder, a few ice cubes, and about a cup or less of almond milk. Blend up and enjoy the deliciousness!



Postpartum Weight Loss II

Ok, more about loosing the baby weight...

I mentioned in the previous post about walking off the 43 pounds I gained during my pregnancy. About 20 came off within the first week of having the baby, but that still left me with 23 to loose. No small feat especially since I am pretty petite. I started walking about two weeks after having the baby. This was fast, but I started off slow. The first walk was around the block and after that went ok I started walking about a mile, sometimes two. On every walk I was also babywearing since my daughter hated being in her stroller. At about five weeks postpartum I ordered the Fitbit Alta which I love, to help me record my distances as well as the calories I was putting into my body. My goal at that point was the recommended 10,000 steps every day which seamed to put me at about 4 miles of walking a day. With a combination of very healthy eating and walking 4 miles per day I managed to walk off 16 pounds. Between meals when I was hungry I reached for apples, yogurt or had whole grain toast (I love toast). If I was hungry I always ate, but I also kept it healthy. No soda, no junk food, no sweets. 

At almost 4 months postpartum I decided to up my workouts and started incorporating runs with the stroller as well as some workout videos I found online. Since I don't have a home gym I needed videos that were short (ie manageable for me) and that required no equipment.  

Here are my absolute favorites that I found online. 

1. The Body Coach - This guy is great. The videos are challenging, but manageable which I loved. Plus I like that he is also struggling during the workouts. It makes me feel like less of a wuss. 

2. Popsugar Barre Workouts - I like some of these more than others. These videos are my attempt to get my butt back in its original position. 

3. Popsugar Workout with Andrea Orbeck - I did this one pre-baby and always loved it when I couldn't make it to the gym or go on a run.